Automatic Fire Detection and Extinguishing System for Electrical Cabinets

Protect your critical electrical installations with ReflexOfeu, a complete and effective solution.

1. Detection:
Reflexoftube capillary tube:
Made in France, 25% thinner than its competitors, for easy installation.
Quickly detects the flame on first contact.
Resistant to pressure and chemicals.

Sprinkler head:
Triggered by thermal bulb for precise detection.
Suitable for large electrical components.
Different detection levels available.

2. Extinction:
Reflex 1230 / FK-5-1-12 extinguishing agent:
Dielectric up to 30,000 Volts, safe for humans and the environment.
Acts by absorption of energy, without affecting the oxygen content.
Leaves no residue after extinguishing.

3. Alarm reporting:
Integrated dry contact:
Allows power cutoff, alert to the security PC and alarm reporting by SMS.

Kheiron ReflexOfeu system (optional):
0G type wireless alarm reporting.
Possibility of several NO/NC pressure switches.

4. Prevention:
Kheiron ReflexOfeu temperature probe (optional):
Detects temperature increases indicating a malfunction.
Allows you to alert before the extinguishing system is triggered.
Defines 2 customizable alert thresholds.

List of available systems:
Electrical cabinets:
Arm05: protection up to 0.5m3
Arm1: protection up to 1m3
Arm1.5: protection up to 1.5m3
Arm2: protection up to 2m3
Arm2.5: protection up to 2.5m3
Arm3: protection up to 3m3

Each system includes:

A CE/PED cylinder
A stainless steel valve
A pressure indicator
A charging valve
An opening valve
An adjustable strap holder
Hair fixing ties
A NO pressure switch
Connection terminals


Sprinkler head
Kheiron ReflexOfeu system
Extra Length Reflexoftube Capillary

ReflexOfeu: fire safety within your reach.

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