ReflexOFeu is an automatic detection and extinguishing stand alone system. It will easly protect your electrical cabinets, computer server and all other closed volume technical cabinets 24/24h.

It allows you to reduce the risk of spreading fire to the entire building. With fast detection and shutdown, it minimizes damage and allows a quick restart of your production.

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The ReflexOFeu is a completely autonomous automatic extinguishing detection system. It will protect your electrical cabinets, your computer servers, your patch bays and other large technical volumes 24 hours a day.

ReflexOFeu: the autonomous fire protection solution for your electrical and IT cabinets
Fires in electrical and IT

cabinets are a serious threat to businesses. They can lead to data loss, production interruptions and even structural damage. The ReflexOFeu is a completely autonomous automatic detection and extinguishing system which offers effective protection against this type of fire.

How does ReflexOFeu work?
ReflexOFeu is made up of two main elements:

A tank containing the extinguishing agent
A detection and extinction tube
The tank is installed outside the cabinet to be protected. The tube is placed inside the cabinet, in direct contact with the electrical equipment.

In the event of a fire, the heat causes the tube to rupture. The extinguishing agent is then released into the cabinet and extinguishes the fire.


The advantages of ReflexOFeu

ReflexOFeu offers numerous advantages compared to other fire detection and extinguishing systems:

Autonomy: ReflexOFeu does not require any external power supply. It is therefore perfectly suited to electrical and IT cabinets, which are often located in difficult-to-access areas.
Speed: ReflexOFeu is capable of detecting and extinguishing a fire in a few seconds. This helps limit damage and allows production to restart quickly.
Effectiveness: ReflexOFeu uses a non-corrosive extinguishing agent which does not damage electrical equipment.

ReflexOFeu, the first system certified by ANPI

In 2021, ReflexOFeu was the first automatic detection and extinguishing system to be certified by ANPI, the French certification body for fire safety products. This certification attests to the quality and efficiency of the system.

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ReflexOFeu is an efficient and reliable stand-alone fire protection solution that offers optimal protection for your electrical and IT cabinets.

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