Calculate the volume of the cabinet:

Take the complete measurements of the cabinet, height, width and depth. For example : Height 1,20m X width 0,80m X depth 0,45m or: 0,432 m3.

Estimate the number of meters of tube needed for proper detection: The tube should pass over all rows of circuit breakers and near the contactors. You must add 0.20 m at each change of direction to avoid “pinching” the tube.

Do not hesitate to send us a front picture of your open cabinets, specifying on which side you want to fix the Reflexofeu cylinder ? Check the air inlets and specify any natural or mechanical ventilation. You can tell us in case of doubt the dimensions of these vents.

Vous souhaitez fixer le réservoir du Reflexofeu ? Vérifier les entrées d’air et précisez les éventuelles ventilations naturelles ou mécaniques. Vous pouvez nous préciser en cas de doute les dimensions de ces aérations.

The ReflexOfeu cylinder must be mounted vertically on the cabinet or on the wall.

Provide sufficient space on the side of the cabinet taking into consideration the following dimensions.

External dimensions Diameter Height
1kg with wall bracket 11 cm 33 cm
2kg with wall bracket 12 cm 36 cm
3kg with wall bracket 15 cm 40 cm

What you have in the kit