Technical Data – Reflexofeu System
Automatic Fire Detection and Extinguishing System for Electrical Cabinets

1. How it works

The ReflexOfeu system uses capillary detection technology. The capillary is a thin, flexible tube placed inside the electrical cabinet. In the event of a fire, the flame heats the capillary and causes it to burst. The gas pressure then propels the extinguishing agent towards the source of the fire.

2. Extinguishing agent

The ReflexOfeu system uses Reflex 1230 / FK-5-1-12 extinguishing agent. This agent is :

Effective: Quickly extinguishes class A, B and C fires.
Non-toxic: Safe for people and the environment.
Clean: Leaves no residue after extinguishing.
3. Features

Rapid detection: The capillary detects flames as soon as they appear.
Effective extinguishing: Reflex 1230 / FK-5-1-12 extinguishing agent puts out fires quickly.
Easy to install: The ReflexOfeu system is quick and easy to install.
Low maintenance: The ReflexOfeu system requires little maintenance.
Compliant with standards: The ReflexOfeu system complies with NFPA 2001 and EN 15004-1 standards.

4. Applications

The ReflexOfeu system is ideal for protecting control cabinets in the following applications:

Data centers
Commercial buildings
And much more

5. Benefits

Optimum protection of electrical installations
Minimized risk of downtime
Peace of mind for the operator

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Data sheet


Extinguishing agent

Installation procedure

Servicing procedure

Extinguishing of 3 starting fires in an electrical cabinet.

The extinguishing is instantaneous at the point of contact of the flame on the tube and the REFLEX 1230 gas also extinguishes the 2 other fires as we protect the complete volume of the cabinet.

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