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Automatic fire detection and extinguishing system for electrical cabinets

Electrical cabinets are essential equipment in many sectors, such as industry, commerce and tertiary buildings. However, they are also vulnerable to fires, which can cause significant damage and loss of production.

To protect electrical cabinets against fire, there is a simple and effective solution: the automatic fire detection and extinguishing system. This system works as follows:

An extinction detection tube is fixed inside the electrical cabinet. This tube is filled with an extinguishing agent, usually CO2 or nitrogen.

At the first contact with the flame, the tube pierces and forms a nozzle which extinguishes this emerging fire.

The extinguishing agent then diffuses quickly into the cabinet, which makes it possible to extinguish any new fires.

Reflexofeu sprinkler head

In addition to the extinguishing detection tube, there is another fire protection solution for electrical cabinets: the Reflexofeu sprinkler head. This head is placed on the top of the space to be protected, and is triggered depending on the ambient temperature at specific temperatures:

68°C as standard
40°C on order
136°C on order

When the ambient temperature reaches the predefined threshold, the sprinkler head is triggered and releases an extinguishing agent, generally FK-5-1-12 gas. This gas is a powerful fire extinguisher that stifles combustion by depriving the fire of oxygen.

Advantages of the Reflexofeu sprinkler head

The Reflexofeu sprinkler head offers many advantages, including:

Effective protection against fires: FK-5-1-12 gas is a powerful fire extinguisher that can extinguish fires quickly and effectively.
Quick and easy installation: The sprinkler head is easy to install and maintain.
Affordable cost: The sprinkler head is a relatively inexpensive solution, making it an accessible solution for many businesses.


The automatic fire detection and extinguishing system and the Reflexofeu sprinkler head are two effective solutions for protecting electrical cabinets against fires. These solutions offer effective protection, simple installation and affordable cost.

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